by Scott Blakemore

Pete Pultz was my Jackson High School swim coach.  As a student, I was certain there were training days he actually enjoyed watching us suffer through a rigorous workout.  But now, as an adult, I can appreciate that he made us better physically and mentally.  In my opinion, that is a sign of a great coach – one that pushes you, helps you see things you cannot and builds your confidence. 

The best athletes and musicians in the world have coaches because they know there is always more to learn.  Consistent training and having a great coach matter in your financial life, too.

How does a Financial Adviser act as a coach?  I’m glad you asked.

A Financial Adviser, acting as a fiduciary in your best interests (not theirs), can help you understand your financial future, anticipate things you may not have considered, and educate you on important issues.  But probably the most important ‘coaching’ moments occur during the difficult and emotional times that come with investing and life. 

Of course, it is rewarding to see a client accomplish more than they imagined.  Every coach loves those moments.  But coaches also deal with losses too, and it is sobering to help someone whose plan didn’t turn out as they had hoped.  In my experience, it is in the moments of illness and death that having someone help you navigate your critical financial decisions proves most valuable. 

Coach Pultz helped me be a better swimmer, but more importantly, a better person.   My life is blessed because he was in it.  I am sure you have people that have influenced you, too.  Don’t be afraid to seek help and coaching from professionals that will push you, help you see things you can’t, and build your confidence in your future.  Remember the best in the world still use coaches, so why shouldn’t you? 

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