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Many investors make their investing decisions based on how they feel. Fear and comfort are often emotions that are felt and acted upon at exactly the wrong times. This causes people to under perform because they sell when they should hold and buy chasing performance. We help stop this cycle by starting with the reason you need to invest in the first place. 


This critical piece of the investment process is often misunderstood by most investors and understandably so. Insurance companies, brokerages, and accountants all offer ‘planning’ and the definition has been mired by ‘products’ representing planning. This is not planning.

Planning is:

1. Accurately understanding and outlining your concerns – the most important step

2. Reiterating those concerns back to you to make sure we are on the same page

3. Taking inventory of what you have done so far

4. Answering some questions you might or might not have thought about

5. Completing a comprehensive, deliverable report for you to analyze

6. Recommending manageable next steps

7. Adjusting the plan after we review the report together and at defined intervals in the future
Planning almost always delivers peace of mind for our clients because there is freedom and comfort gained through a holistic understanding of their financial lives and how it affects the ones they care about most.

Once we have clear, mutually agreed upon objectives, we can then allocate your resources to allow you the best opportunity to meet your goals. We monitor and rebalance your assets as needed to help reduce risk.


We each seek a life of significance. . . a life of lasting worth.  And worth measured in dollars is just part of the equation.  Worth is measured primarily by the impact your life has on the lives of others.  We understand this, and know that the positive impact you wish to have on your family and your community can be significantly enhanced by the good planning and sound investments you make along the way.  No matter what stage of life you’re in now, from single and just starting out to retired with grandchildren, everyone can engage in financial planning and see results. 


The power in helping curb emotional reaction to short term events comes only through consistent updating and review of your plan. Over time, you will enjoy seeing your plan progress as you remain disciplined toward achieving your goals. We’re with you, guiding you, throughout your journey.


Our calling is to enable you to experience the joy & peace of building your financial life and legacy to its God given potential.

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