Our Difference

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Your Interests, Our Priority
Our privilege is to serve our clients with excellence in financial planning and investment management services each day.  Here are some of the ways we conduct business to make certain that your interests are our highest priority. 

We accept no commissions, no soft dollars and no pay to play arrangements.
No up-front or back-end sales loads.
Routine distributions, trades and rebalancing generate $0 in charges to client accounts.
Soft-dollars – unseen compensation to firms from funds or fund wholesalers.
Pay to Play – hidden fees firms charge mutual funds to sell their products.

We are a completely independent financial firm.
We have no ties to any parent financial services firm which might influence our recommendations or financial investment selection. 

As a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm we adhere to the highest fiduciary standard in the financial services industry and place the interests of each client before our own. 

We use no captive funds.
Some firms recommend using their in-house funds in client portfolios, often with higher internal costs. 

We employ the financial service industry’s best practice of engaging a third party custodian.
Our custodian is Pershing LLC and they have physical possession of all client securities.
They provide independent trade execution of all our authorized transactions.
They provide transparency for all account activity (ie confirmations, prospectus, etc)
They produce monthly statements.
They provide and maintain online account access.

We provide objective quarterly performance reporting that includes a variety of metrics with comparisons to appropriate benchmarks.
We include returns net of fees.
Fees we charge are clearly displayed on all reports.
We compare investment performance to associated benchmarks.

All advisers and employees are salaried which removes the traditional incentive to “sell” something. 
We have the freedom to offer advice without the daily pressures inherent to commission-only compensation.

We charge one simple, transparent monthly fee.
We assess 1/12th of the fee each month – clearly shown on statements. 

We operate from a Biblical stewardship perspective.
We believe all that we have, all that we are, all that we can do is a gift from God and that we are responsible for wisely managing the resources entrusted to our care.

Please Note: The scope of any financial planning and consulting services to be provided depends upon the terms of the engagement, and the specific request and needs of the client. GuideStream Financial, Inc. (“GuideStream”) does not serve as an attorney or accountant. GuideStream does not prepare estate-planning documents or tax returns.


Our calling is to enable you to experience the joy & peace of building your financial life and legacy to its God given potential.

GuideStream Financial is a ministry of FMF Financial Services


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