by Scott Blakemore

This editorial was written by Scott Blakemore, one of our advisers, for our local Jackson Magazine.  While usually the editorial topic is financial related, this issue was about the winners in various categories of businesses in Jackson, therefore, Scott chose to take a little different direction.  We think the letter not only applies to our community, but to life in general.  Substitute ‘Jackson’ with your communities name and we think you will resonate with Scott’s thoughts and that is why we are sharing it with you.  Enjoy.

“The Best of Jackson” starts with “The Best of You”.  While we recognize the significant accomplishments of “The Best of” businesses, we realize that behind each business is a person or group of individuals working to deliver exceptional products and services.  The best of them has resulted in making a great organization, and the best of all of us together results in making a great community and city.

Developing “The Best of You” requires time and effort in all areas of life.  “The Best of You at Home” starts with attention and encouragement towards your spouse, children and other loved ones.  I realize now, more than ever, that our home life often gets the least of our best.  You have likely noticed how disengaged we are due to our devices.  I know I am guilty! We could all put our phones down and focus more on our spouses and children (or grandchildren), giving them our full attention and the best of us (T-I-M-E spells love).  Many people are lonely and hurting and just want to be noticed and encouraged and this includes those closest to us.  Attention and encouragement are “The Best of You at Home.”

“The Best of You at Work” begins with attitude more than aptitude.  You may have a bad boss, tough co-workers, feel unappreciated or be discouraged with bureaucracy, but in the end, your attitude is what people see and respond to.  Your customers surely notice it.  Staying positive, solving problems, and contributing to the purpose of the business will create opportunities for you and create a better work environment for everyone.  A positive attitude is “The Best of You at Work.”

Communities are a combination of families and businesses with organizations around them to help them in their times of need.  “The Best of You in the Community” involves giving back in time and resources.  With hectic lives demanding more and more of our time; it seems community service is falling by the wayside.  While I understand the time constraints of life (I have 4 children of my own), giving back, even a little, in service to our community helps us recognize and attend to the needs of others.  It also cultivates gratitude in our own lives.  Serving is “The Best of You in the Community.”

We celebrate the people and businesses recognized in this “The Best of” edition of Jackson Magazine.  But let us remember:  Attention, Encouragement, Positive Attitudes and Serving share “The Best of You” with those around you and help make Jackson a better place to live, work and play.

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