To navigate life’s currents you need a simple structure to set your direction and stay on course.  GuideStream Financial recommends four steps that include Determining Your Needs, Developing Your Plan, Investing Your Assets, and Staying on Course.  Our team has helped individuals take these steps in building a life of financial stewardship.  Consider these steps for your situation. 

Determining Your Needs

Are you wondering. . . 

How should I plan for my future?

Am I saving enough?

Have I made the right investment choices?

Am I on course for retirement?

How do I care for the people and causes that are important to me?

Will I run out of money?

These are not simple questions, nor are they questions that go away if ignored.  We believe successful financial planning and investing starts with a rich exploration and understanding of your needs and personal goals.

Developing Your Plan

Once your goals are clear, plan and invest to achieve them. 

We can help you evaluate your resources and develop a plan that guides you toward fulfilling your unique priorities over time.  Once your needs and goals are defined, we can then guide you to an investment portfolio to achieve your objectives.  Tragically, many people bypass this planning stage, invest with no plan in place and hope for the best.  We believe planning is the most important step in the process.  We bring focus, understanding and expertise to your thinking.  

Investing Your Assets

Out of a firm plan emerges solid investment strategy.  

Optimally, no investments should be made until your goals are well-understood and a realistic plan to achieve them is established.  It is at this point that an investment strategy can be developed and investment portfolios built that follow your plan. 

Our client investment portfolios are broadly diversified among US and international stocks, bonds, commodities and publicly traded real estate through a combination of low-cost index funds, exchange traded funds, and institutional shares of actively managed mutual funds. We’ll also help you decide the most appropriate allocation for each type of account (ie IRA, 401(k), ROTH, 403(b), Annuity, 529, Trust, Taxable account and several others).

Staying On Course

Perhaps most importantly…we help you stay on course. 

A critical component of our job is to help you stay on course throughout the seasons of life.  Economies and markets go through cycles.  The headlines consistently make world events seem worse than they are. Our advisers can help when you are feeling the need to “do something” in reaction to the events of the day, good or bad.  We will always bring you back to your long-term plan and remind you to not get overly concerned about short-term uncertainty, which will always be part of the world in which we live.  When needed, we will help make the necessary adjustments to keep you on course.

Interested in talking further about these steps?  Begin the conversation…call us and let’s get to know each other and see what we can do to help you set direction and develop a plan.

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